Falling Inside The Black (Watty Awards 2012)

20 Part Story 61.2K Reads 494 Votes
Megan By MeganAshley Completed
Elizabeth Evans grew up as a poor merchant's daughter in the 18th century; a time when pirates were most hated. The world and its ideas were changing. When Elizabeth was sixteen, she suffered the lost of her brother when he decided to become a notorious outcast pirate. Almost a year later, at an engagement party, Elizabeth was kidnapped by the notorious, charming, handsome and enchanting Nathaniel Edwards. As she begins to know Nathaniel, she also begins to unwillingly fall for him, despite his dangerous charm that he uses at his advantage. Elizabeth is determined to find her brother, and escape from Nathaniel's dangerous grasp, before she falls in love completely. Will she continue to pursue this love, or will she leave? Will she slowly fall inside the black as she begins to learn the shameful ways of a pirate?
I got tired of it after the second chapter. I mean come on the same theme is being displayed. A damsel in distress gets kidnapped by a pirate then ends up falling in live with him. Boring. Sorry your a great writer i think you have it in you to go far but not my favorite read so far.
@RanishtaSonah i don't really know wht u r sayin cuz i didn't read dis chap full so lol but i guess i don't get it either
Would someone really introduce themselves like that? I dont doubt it so much as it surprises me that people would ever introduce themselves by listing their fortune. Times have certainly changed!
You really know how to get in character :D just the way every word  flowed so well together :3 so fancy lol and alot a description, wich makes the reader feel like they are a part of the story. Great beginning!
I loved the description and the dialogue was pretty good.
                                    I don't like historical fiction that much but this was amazing!
W O W!!!! AMAZING!!!!!
                                    You were so descriptive about Everything! The characters. The clothes. The scene. I could practically imagine it in my head!!!!
                                    I haven't read much historical stories, but I have got to say that I LOVED it!!!! :)
                                    Nathaniel....Hmmm... Don't trust him
                                    But Awesome Prologue