Happily Never After

Happily Never After

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Tasha By Natasha_Smith Completed

Sarah Hudson was married and happy but that was until her husband cheated on her. Her husband begged for another chance and promised to be faithful form that moment out. So, she gave him another chance.

Unfortunately, she was wrong to even think he'd changed his cheating ways. Deep down inside, she knew he wouldn't change. Cheaters never do.

When he confessed once more that he cheated on her for the fifth time, that was all she could take and the last time she was going to agree to stick around. So, she left.

Now, three years later, she has the life she should have had from the beginning. She is happy for the first time in a long time.

But Sarah knows that when men come walking into your life, you can never stay happy for too long before something happens and your world gets turned upside down. Some for the good, some for the worst.

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  • fiction
  • friendship
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Leave before he comes back. Besides, you could have just wrote him a letter telling him that u left.
You promised her you wouldn't cheat again. And how many times did you break that promise?
Sorry not sorry. You shouldn't be sorry. The cheater should be.
AlvinaBonou AlvinaBonou May 21, 2016
Should have just leave that man don't deserve no explanation
ZuyyinIzza ZuyyinIzza Jul 03, 2016
Just leave when he's not around and send divorce papers the next day through your lawyer. End of story
Durarara_X2_Ketsu Durarara_X2_Ketsu Dec 12, 2016
No it's because u keep stopping her b4 she can make it out the front door