The Nation Charmer-Book 1

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Dahlia McLean finds herself thrust into a world of magic, monsters and immortals born at the beginning of time. She and her best friend, Troy Flarehill, and his sister, Helen are whisked away to a place where people of her 'type' are. And it is rumoured that at that place, all are descended from a magician who can control elemental magic...
i love this book what happens next can't wait to find out this is a great book and it's not boring
@janefoxx I marvel at it being there for ages..a monster lying hidden all this while! :P
I can't believe I didn't see this before :P . Completely took me off guard: "Sam is on a team with three others from HIS school"
Love this story sofar! Can't wait to see what happens!! For all fantasy lovers: you should definitely try This Strange Place by WallflowerPoet. One of the best fantasy books I've read sofar.
                                    I am also quite worried for them when we came to the end. I like the idea of Troy and her having a relationship. I think it would be really cute. I love your camp! It sounds awesome :)
                                    Ooo! This book seems very interesting! It has got a lot of humour in the story which I like about like the earlier reader mentioned the hitting someone causes them to lose 500 brain cells! Nice! I like the suspense there is so I am off to the second chapter!