Sweet Memories

Sweet Memories

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**READERS - if you have read the stories in my series - Sons of Worthington - then you'll recognize some of the characters in this story. The books I have out so far that's part of this series are:  The Sweetest Kiss / The Sweetest Touch / The Sweetest Love / The Sweetest Secret / The Sweetest Challenge / and now... Sweet Memories!  (there will be more books in this series)

Victoria Owens is determined to collect her deceased uncle's inheritance and return home to pay her debtors. But when she meets the solicitor, he tells her about the clause in Lord Hollingworth's will. She must work as Major Cole Baldwin's housekeeper for one year before she can get a shilling. Victoria decides to meet this man and try and convince him to lend her the money first, because her sister's life is at stake. But before she can meet the major, she's involved in an accident and loses her memory.

When Cole returns wounded from the military, he can't take over his family's lands because of a debt his father owed to Lord Hollingsworth. To settle the debt, Cole must allow the deceitful Lord Hollingsworth's niece to come to the estate and work as his housekeeper. Cole has also invited his dead wife's daughter whom he's never met, Victoria Hampton, to assist him with Hollingworth's niece. Instead, an accident happens at the docks, and the woman he thinks is his wife's daughter has lost her memory. Thankfully, Hollingworth's niece hasn't arrived, but that gives him more time to get to know Vicky. However, when his heart becomes involved, he realizes he doesn't want her to regain her memory at all.

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lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Nov 01, 2017
Were you trying to be different or do you think a turtle is slower than a snail?
lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Oct 31, 2017
Thankfully, she'd managed to endure it, but she was anxious to get out.
Equinella Equinella Nov 22, 2017
before the appointment * * with her uncle's solicitor.
                              (Just a thought)
She does not seem like a good person,  but still she has some goodness in her to want to help her sister
lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Nov 04, 2017
While one loading dock was being prepared for *disembarking passengers, *another was being prepared for the new passengers to embark on* the ship. ?
HbKhan HbKhan Oct 17, 2017
Thx for including the dates. It kind of helps to know when actually this story was updated 😊