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The Misplace : Cassie's Story

The Misplace : Cassie's Story

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Noodlesnog82 By Noodlesnog82 Updated Jan 16, 2011

i was never meant to be born. i was what was called a 'mistake' or a 'surprise' gift. it's not that my parents didn't love. it's just that they were too poor to take care of me. 

Cassie Fitzgerald isn't the average 13 year old girl. she spends her day searching the streets around the pub for forgotten change instead of sitting in a classroom with 20 or so other year sevens. Her sister is declared with a sickness that never goes away that is slowly killing her. her parents are too busy working to notice her, other then the money she brings home each day. her little brother Andrew who should be in kinder is stuck home, causing distress to her mum. Her older brother Dylan works in a supermarket, doing his bit to save the family. and her father is a shoe cobbler who mends shoes. but then Cassie finds out a long lost secret that literally flips her life around. is her new life better? or does she long to be back with the people who raised her?

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