She's Just One of the Boys

She's Just One of the Boys

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Morgan By BrokenChocolateSaint Updated Feb 05, 2012

She's Just One of the Boys

A/N: The name came to me while I was listening to Katy Perry.  Unoriginally plot, I know. But please give it a chance.

I know this type of story was done by many, many people and I give credit to whomever started the whole idea, so I'm not copying.

I dedicate this chapter/prologue to knightsrachel because she somehow contacted my muse and got me a-writing. And her story, Living With The Walkers, rocks. I literally read it every moment. Thanks, knightsrachel!

Note: Yes, it is possible that you can be accepted into Juilliard at 17. My private lessons instructor did at age 16! But I don't know if you can be accepted on both voice & instrumental. I'm only 13!


Past Tense

The flames....the heat. I can still remember that night perfectly. The screams, the smell of burned flesh, and the sounds. I can still remember the firefighter's profile: A face full of worry lines.

"I'm sorry, kid, but your foster parents are dead."

The words stung me like a be...

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JSJpeanutbutterjellz JSJpeanutbutterjellz Apr 01, 2013
I like this story. Wow that is a lot of names to remember. How is she going to keep track with them all? Upload soon it's quite good :)
queen_of_nerds23 queen_of_nerds23 Nov 07, 2012
Love it. I know what you mean when school its hard and not fair. Update soon! Really good since LWTWB is over. I will be looking forward to reading it! =D
hopeless_romantic98 hopeless_romantic98 Jan 26, 2012
omg! i looooove it! upload soon! 
                              ps my story is titled like yours! it's pretty funny now that i think about it, because i got my inspiration from the song One of the Boys too!