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All For Love

All For Love

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Sam By BadmintonGurl Updated Mar 10, 2012

Witch's aren’t always who they seem to be. 
Mika and Arianna aren’t normal sisters, it doesn’t have to do with the fact they are witch's .Well maybe just a little. Mika and Arianna are the type of good witch's the ones protecting humans from the evil witches who are named Mabayas and good witch's named Buenos . The Bueno’s rules state that a Bueno witch cannot love a Mabaya or a human, but the sister's do. Mika would do everything and anything for Blake, however he is a Mabaya. Arianna is head over heels for a human named Tyson, these sister have to realize that love does come at a price. But since these are Bueno witches, they will not break the rules right?

DragonQueen DragonQueen Feb 02, 2011
WoW , that was intense. Were do you get these ideas?? Really. Awesome. Story. Love it. :D 
vampirefreak vampirefreak Jan 19, 2011
:O S a m a n t h a ! ok , how about this... ou put pictures for your chapters...But i wont ?:)
DragonQueen DragonQueen Jan 19, 2011
well that just really sucks..... I can see a good plot in this! keep posting please! <3