All For Love

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Sam By BadmintonGurl Updated 3 years ago
Witch's aren’t always who they seem to be. 
    Mika and Arianna aren’t normal sisters, it doesn’t have to do with the fact they are witch's .Well maybe just a little. Mika and Arianna are the type of good witch's the ones protecting humans from the evil witches who are named Mabayas and good witch's named Buenos . The Bueno’s rules state that a Bueno witch cannot love a Mabaya or a human, but the sister's do. Mika would do everything and anything for Blake, however he is a Mabaya. Arianna is head over heels for a human named Tyson, these sister have to realize that love does come at a price. But since these are Bueno witches, they will not break the rules right?
WoW , that was intense. Were do you get these ideas?? Really. Awesome. Story. Love it. :D 
:O S a m a n t h a ! ok , how about this... ou put pictures for your chapters...But i wont ?:)
well that just really sucks..... I can see a good plot in this! keep posting please! <3