Looking Through Me | Attack on Titan Fan Fiction

Looking Through Me | Attack on Titan Fan Fiction

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What if you suddenly woke up in a place you never knew? How about if you were placed on death row? Now, what if a psychopath was tailing you and making your life a living hell by framing you for crimes you never committed? Finally, what if you had a rare gift that should have never been possible, and never even knew you had?

These are the questions I have to answer right now. I have no clue what to do and no matter what path I follow I’ll be dead in the end. My only hope is the three people standing in front of me at this moment, the ones that have guarded my life all this time.

But now I have to take matters into my own hands and can no longer rely on them; or they’ll die. What do I do? Do I let them die, or take their places by sacrificing myself?

These are questions a freshman in high school should never have to answer, let alone think about. If you want to know how I’m going to answer these questions, read these few chapters I’ve scrapped together. As of now…

I’m dreaming. Are you?

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- - Apr 02
My phase starts in the summer and ends when school begins
                              It's an annual thing
JolteonGirl JolteonGirl Apr 03
*realization* It's YOU. 
                              Holy crap I haven't read one of your stories in AGES!
I get ideas from singing... an odd way, but inspiration nonetheless. Just based an entire book idea off of an Imagine Dragons song.
Im_Ronnie_ Im_Ronnie_ Mar 18
Everyone goes through this phase. But you'll never get out of it.
I'm still in my Attack on Titan phase. I can't get enough of Levi 😍
*walks into AOT phase* 
                              *tries to get out*
                              *indestructible force stopping you from going
                              Aka Levi*