Never Been Ready (On Hold)

Never Been Ready (On Hold)

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Momo By strawberryM1KO Updated Aug 28, 2017

Putting the hell of her past behind her, Sang lives in a crappy, one-bedroom apartment above a pizza front in some small, backwaters town located in Illinois. She's been off the grid for years, living a peaceful existence working as a waitress at a dingy diner. Until she comes home and finds two crying babies on her doorstep along with a note from the last person she'd expect to hear from. Without much choice and a conscious that wouldn't allow her to abandon the two bundles, Sang moves to Charleston, SC looking for a fresh start. But can she handle the struggles of being a single mom? Especially when a couple of guys from the Academy get involved?

The Toma team become intrigued by the mysterious, young woman who just moved into the Sergeant Jasper along with her two-year-old twin sons. She's skittish, wary, and avoids social interactions like the plague. But they can't deny the need to help her that fuels through their Academy blood. When her background check comes up empty, however, questions are raised and they begin wondering, just who is Sang Sorenson? And what happens when the Blackbourne team get involved?

Confirmed HEARH with all fourteen. Toma team/Sang/Blackbourne team. This will NOT have any slash between any of the guys in the harem. 

This is a fanfiction based on character's from CL Stone's Ghost Bird + Scarab Beetle Academy series.