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Prince Misunderstood [Larry Stylinson AU]

Prince Misunderstood [Larry Stylinson AU]

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LoveAsAlwaysx By LoveAsAlwaysx Completed

This isn't your average fairy tale, though it may seem that way at first.
But shouldn't we all learn not to judge a book by its cover?

So step into the wondrous world of princes and princesses, where not everything is as it seems. People change and hearts get broken. But above all, courage is what makes us stand tall. And some of us more than others have to learn how the be the hero of their own life.

So really, the only question is, will this turn out to be a happily (n)ever after?
Find out in a new kind of fairy tale, Prince Misunderstood. 

Or the one where prince Louis is annoying as hell and prince Harry manages to crawl past his ever present walls.

(3rd place in the category Up and Coming Larry - Bromance Awards Holiday 2015)

1Dshipperfornutella 1Dshipperfornutella Jun 10, 2016
I'm honestly not that surprised that I'm reading a Larry fanfic at 2 am
UandI0831 UandI0831 Jan 31, 2016
And that someone will be Harry my fair prince.Take it from who knows
LarryPhanGirl LarryPhanGirl Apr 21, 2015
Honestly, I imagine myself being a princess like this. I'd know all my servants names and be like friends with all if them and I'd know most of the people in my village. *looks down ashamed at my daydreams*
prismharryyy prismharryyy Feb 16, 2014
I love this story and I just found it today it's so cute and their so cute and this story made my day (: