A Dangerous Game | N.H [under construction]

A Dangerous Game | N.H [under construction]

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....He grabbed my upper arm pulling me back to him, his lips found mine - and his kiss was gentle. 
He didn't try to grab anywhere on my body, he didn't try to force me to kiss him back or put his tongue down my throat - he just kissed me. It was a short lingering kiss that lasted only a minute, but it still left me almost breathless.

When he pulled away, I slowly opened my eyes to look at him, his eyes were hard and his lips pressed in a firm line. His hand found the collar of my jacket moving it away once more, enough for anyone to see the mark he left earlier. "You're mine now." he stated sternly, looking deep into my eyes his hard blue ones washing over my green iris's.

I gulped tightly at how serious he was. He said that in such a way where it actually had me terrified, he looked frustrated, determined, even possessive. 

It made me never want to touch a guy again, and maybe that's why he looked at me like that. He wanted to scare me so that I would never defy his words, so that he could have me to himself - but I barley knew him, never the less, he barley knew me - or my name.

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rxxmx3 rxxmx3 May 16, 2016
That was deep dude I am pretty much sure that some thing has inspired you soo much to write it soo deep. 
                              I love the story already...
maria_loverstyles19 maria_loverstyles19 Dec 30, 2015
Whoah i m on the first chapter and i already love it bc it s so deep and omggg *.*
mrsmalik892 mrsmalik892 May 26, 2015
this is deep omfg. can I use it for an edit and in my book? I'll give you credit, of course.
dauntlessharry dauntlessharry Apr 29, 2015
age is 15 but mind is 20. this is me and like majority of teens
HannHoranx HannHoranx Dec 23, 2014
That's the best intro I think I've ever read!! I can't wait to read the rest of this book!
twerkwithziall twerkwithziall Oct 21, 2014
You know It's good when it says 'sexual content' am I right or am I right