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SweetAngelz77 By SweetAngelz77 Updated Jan 28, 2011

The poor and the rich have always led different lives in the country of Krane. The poor work under the rich in order to survive, and the rich make sure they never look the poor in the eye, for they are considered too lowly. Lucia comes from a poor family, and Dante is a prince -- the son of the king of Krane. When they were younger, they used to secretly be best friends. As they grew older, they drifted apart. Now, both are seventeen; and their lives are suddenly changing. They meet for the first time in six years, and it seems things are suddenly looking up for Lucia.  But when Krane is suddenly thrown into a war against the country of Sorcage, Lucia is kidnapped by Sorcage's most valued warrior. It seems like there is no hope for her, but will Dante change that? Will their old friendship save her? Most importantly, can they make it through the hard time without permanent scarring?

To all "Inseparable" fans: I know I wrote the summary for the story; but I just want to say that nothing is concrete. I can completely change the story as I write along, or I might keep it the same. Just now, I completely wrote a new summary .. but I'm still not 100% satisfied with it, so it might change again. I tend to go with the flow, so now I'll go where my writing takes me! so please pay no attention to the summary, hell, even the title and the book cover :D thanks! cheers xo

Chocolate_addict Chocolate_addict Feb 02, 2011
Cute!! My only question is why didn't she watch Aria and her mom still go? Loved and totally voted!!
SweetAngelz77 SweetAngelz77 Jan 27, 2011
@aprilfourteenth aw thanks i appreciate your feedback ! :) and i'll upload soon, hopefully!
SweetAngelz77 SweetAngelz77 Jan 24, 2011
@princessaryaoflegend oops sorry, thanks for pointing out my mistake :$
                              and btw, i just put up the 1st chapter so you can read that now :D
                              oh, wow your story sounds really good :) I'll read it ASAP ! promise :)
SweetAngelz77 SweetAngelz77 Jan 19, 2011
@Fmoosavi aw thanks :D
                              well, you'll find out, won't you ? ;)
Timmieman Timmieman Jan 19, 2011
LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT...your skill really shine through in this piece, i wonder what happens next...will you show the next scene with them as adults?? (or teens)
Chocolate_addict Chocolate_addict Jan 17, 2011
Oooooh!! I like this one!! Your a great author and I think this story will progress really well!! UPLOAD SOON!!