Love With Your Heart Not Your Eyes

Love With Your Heart Not Your Eyes

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xXFallingPetalXx By xXFallingPetalXx Updated Nov 17, 2013

“Wait!” I heard his shout, which was then followed by his rushed footsteps. I didn’t turn when he approached me; I just stayed facing forward hoping I would somehow turn invisible.

I was sadly disappointed when I saw Ian enter my peripheral vision. He walked around until he was in front of me – facing me.

I don’t raise my head when he says “You didn’t tell me your name?” And I didn’t plan to. 

I stepped around him as I continued my walk up the hallway.

“So what is it?” He raised his voice as he asked again.

I turned my head slightly before saying “You don’t need to know. I am not worth knowing.”

     Would you believe me if I said a testube of acid could ruin your life? No? Well neither did Morgan Wilson, until it happened. In a blink of an eye her life shattered into a million pieces - just like that testube. She lost her friends, her family and most of all herself.
     After 6 months of being hidden from society, she now has to face it head on. Starting with a new school and slowly starting a new life. With the help of an unwanted, persistent friend which turns out to be a love she can no longer deny, she will become the person she always wanted to be.
     But how long can she keep her past a secret? And how long until it comes back for revenge.....

  • happiness
  • hiding
  • life
  • lose
  • love
  • nervous
  • new
  • pain
  • past
  • regret
  • scar
  • scared
  • school
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kylekay kylekay Nov 03, 2013
Oh, no! Well I think you're writing is flawless! Really well done...You definitely don't need my opinion, I'd say you're better then me! :)
AdaManic AdaManic Oct 31, 2013
Hope this one doesn't get canceled like most of the stories I read
                              Oh and Hey again Sis and readers!
                              Anyone reading this has made a good choice to read this story
                              Keep up the good work sis!
                              Lovin' it!
AdaManic AdaManic Oct 31, 2013
Seems like Ivy is having a bad day,
                              Oh, yeah, Hi sis
                              Nice story! Still can't get over the fact that you wrote it!
                              Never thought that my idiot of a sister could've written something as good as this
                              Love the way you opened it, too
                              Think I've guessed why It's called what it's called now :P