The Game

The Game

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Maddie:) By UsmileIsmile98 Updated Aug 25, 2013

“Don’t you dare leave me Maddie. Don’t let go, hold on to our love for each other. Fight the darkness, don’t let him win.”

Maddie's life got turned upside down when her and her friends were put on a school lockdown. No, not the kind where there's an intruder on campus, I guess you could call him that though.

There's a killer in her school.

Not the kind that just wants to kill you for no reason and get it over with, no this is the kind of killer that loves to see people suffer. He loves to play games with you until you've had enough.

He can make you think you've gone crazy just by looking in your eyes. He can trick you into killing yourself just by putting a knife or gun in your hand and saying "do it."

With their lives on the line, the group does everything they can do to keep each other and themselves alive while others are getting killed off one by one, each kill very different from the last.

The question is, how do you get away from someone who you can't see, but can always see you?

UsmileIsmile98 UsmileIsmile98 Aug 04, 2011
@AceVixon Yea they do but they don't have a signal(: sorry for any confusion!!