Between The Depths (The Faery Meadow Book 3)

Between The Depths (The Faery Meadow Book 3)

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Lumtrexa By lumtrexa Updated Apr 26, 2017

When Elaine's town is forced to abandon their homes, she is forced to leave along with Viktor-much to her dismay.

After time passes, Elaine believes that Viktor is really starting to except the faery way of life, that his demon ways are gone. She's also finding it easier to pretend to be his sister.

Meanwhile, Colt is still scheming to kill Viktor. Lorcan takes it into his own hands to end the two brothers' lives. Viktor thinks Elaine doesn't see the redheaded fae's true intentions. With Elaine and Viktor pretending to be siblings-none of the villagers question it. However, after a few appearances of Lorcan checking up on Elaine, Lorcan can't help, but feel a little possessive. But he has to be careful, he wouldn't want to blow his cover.

Because he's formed a tiny attachment to Elaine.

Cover made by astrxphoria.

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PennyZee PennyZee Mar 11
I think he looks better than what I imagined him to look like. I  can picture him w/red hair and eyes. Your Locan still looks much better than I pictured him.
joana32190 joana32190 Feb 23, 2017
I dont not agree with killing Colt and Viktor, as much as i dont like them- i dont want them killed. It'll only make Elaine hate Lorcan
misshely misshely Nov 10, 2016
Hmm he kinda looks like a lorcan. Except lorcan is supposed to have red hair right? I think the guy in the pic looks more like a viktor lol
joana32190 joana32190 Feb 23, 2017
I know James death will go by, forgotten. But i feel bad for him. We never got to properly meet him and he died trying to warn her of the danger :((