Between the Depths (The Faery Meadow Book 3)

Between the Depths (The Faery Meadow Book 3)

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When Elaine's town has to abandon their homes she is forced to leave along with a notorious demon -- Viktor. After time passes, Elaine believes that Viktor is really starting to except the faery way of life and that his demon ways are gone. She's also finding it easier to pretend to be his sister.

Meanwhile, Colt is still scheming to kill Viktor. Lorcan takes it into his own hands to put an end to the two brothers. After a few appearances of Lorcan checking up on Elaine, Viktor struggles to understand just what Elaine is to him and why a not-so-loyal faery like Lorcan gets to be her destined mate. Then again, Viktor isn't exactly a saint himself and he isn't sure if he really cares to change either...

Book 3 in the series.
Cover made by astrxphoria.

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