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My Perverted Prince (unedited)

My Perverted Prince (unedited)

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RishCrawford By RishCrawford Updated Jul 08, 2014

"I know one way you could reward me for what I did", he sniggered. "Sure. Anything in the world, you name i---", he suddenly cut me off by smashing his lips against mine. I tried pulling away, but he had a strong grip on my arms from which I couldn't escape. His soft, tender lips pushed even further against mine, making the kiss more intense. Then, I felt the tip of his tongue touching mine, twisting and turning over it. The kiss felt passionate, it was a kiss filled with heat. Oh my God, I can't believe I'm slightly enjoying this. That's it. This is not good. Not only I'm making out with a complete stranger, but he was also sticking his tongue down my throat!

Allie Williams. Fifteen, single and has zero love experience. Instead of being run over by a car that night and losing her life, she lost her first kiss. That's the price Allie had to pay for keeping her life. He's a complete stranger! but a really hot stranger. Too bad Allie didn't seem the least bit pleased about it. At least she was glad she didn't have to ever see him again, but wait, she meets a guy that looked exactly like him. Although when she accused him of kissing her, he pretended as if he didn't know her and denied everything. Is that really the truth or is there something else going on? And if they were twins, wouldn't the guy she accused know that his brother was behind all of this? Allie is in for one high school experience she will never forget. A new year, means new drama coming in her way.

Johnny Depp.. more like Johnny Deep *knee slap*
                              I'll leave now
change_like_leaves change_like_leaves Feb 24, 2016
OH my god I looooove that manga. I've read it a billion times
Crazylovetol Crazylovetol Dec 25, 2016
Exactly just like The Vampire Diaries when Elena picked Damon even though I wish she'd pick Stephen
aleciap aleciap Oct 07, 2013
I just read 11 or so chapters of Moe Kare and I am just mad. And jealous. It's not fair. In fiction girlfriends magically disappear. If only there was a special ray gun or something. And erase memories and turn back time. I love him. Oh life's not fair. I'm sorry I started to rant. Lucky Hikaru
dragracer23 dragracer23 Aug 02, 2013
When are you going too update again its been at least 5 months since you have
RishCrawford RishCrawford Mar 27, 2012
@B3C0L0RFUL thanks for fanning and for ur support as well ! Its on hold until next friday though.