The Dominant and the Housekeeper (BDSM)

The Dominant and the Housekeeper (BDSM)

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Ally Narvette By _whorishwriter Updated Jul 06, 2014

Although Lillian was, in theory, the perfect submissive, she simply was not perfectly compatible with Nathaniel Lenova. And he craved perfection. He craved obedience. And he absolutely craved the feeling of dominating.

He never expected to find everything in one girl: Adalia Davenport.

When this middle-class girl gets a job as his housekeeper, she doesn't know what to expect; after all, she had never really been part of the rich class. 

She never expected Mr. Lenova to be a Dom. She never expected to accidentally walk into his playroom. And she most definitely did not expect him to offer to dominate her.

*NC-17. BDSM. Don't act surprised that it is.*

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KxnkyAngel KxnkyAngel Nov 24, 2017
Am I the only one who got pissed off at the end when Ana left him???
casparjoeoli casparjoeoli May 17, 2016
i followed you, but i can't find the rest of the book, and i've tried everything
bxtchywhxre bxtchywhxre Mar 03, 2016
Ima just say this 50SOG was actually based off of Twilight which is a little funny to me
God-of-Darkness God-of-Darkness Oct 16, 2016
Why not I did that when my ex broke up with me then again the Dom I found did push me passed my hard limits
Dark_Angel4780 Dark_Angel4780 Mar 15, 2016
Will you be having them sign a contract and will you be useing pet names Ex: pet, slave, slut, sub or Master, sir, Dom, and will their be any Dom abuse  in this story
WTHissunlight WTHissunlight Dec 09, 2015
I really appreciate you writing this,  I already knew it. But I just appreciate it. Thanks :)