Thought Provokers [Pieces to Induce Pondering]

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LuckOfTheApocalypse By LuckOfTheApocalypse Updated 5 years ago
These are various works of prose, poems, and plain old essay type works meant to make one think deeply on them.
love to read the sophistication of language is thirsty of recognition in whatever stemmed from that desire to preserve his name as to achieve what the Greek says..."life is short art is long"
It was indeed very thought provoking! I had often considered death and how most people seem to fail to grasp the concept of simply no longer existing, but I had never thought of how each person longs for immortality. 
Your mind must be such a fascinating place. There are no words to say how magnificent and awesome this really is!
Wow this is really deep stuff. It's so true too. Man reading that gave me a profound headache, lol. But in a really good way. You're totally a genius!!
This is really great, the thinking process behind it is awesome. You're really something of a thinker, wow.
Unbelievable, this speaks to me.  This is a modern day proverb. I wish I could have this to send to so many people in print that is, maybe it will wake their tale up, and set a fire under them, so true, Very much appreciated here. I'll send it email form to some,
                                    thanks, very much appreciated, WS