Gone With The Leaves [Watty Awards 2012]

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Alexander By maccad Completed
Is set two years after Naruto Shippuden; follow Alex Namati in his adventures from teenager to adult, Alex is a cold boy from a near extinct clan the Namati clan. Whose Kekkai Genkai comes from the joining of Konoha's strongest dojutsu (Byakugan and Sharingan.) Who hates everybody who has a living mum and dad. Will he fall in love with one of his comrades and die trying to protect Konoha. Follow him as he tries to achive his dream, the reinstatement of his clan.
maybe shorter sentences, especially with that last paragraph
Didn't Shikamaru have brown spikey hair?
                                    Oh well, still liking the chap
Very humorous. Dislike the main characters name though(: haha,!
Hello my name is Jason and I have set myself up for looking for Naruto Fanfiction's and leaving a comment.... They may be harsh but I am telling the truth.... Just wanted to ask If i could make your story the first one I critisice on Wattpad