Through The Dark {Niall Horan}

Through The Dark {Niall Horan}

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Shawna By LovaticDirectioner69 Updated Sep 27, 2014

Niall Horan has some problems. 

He fakes smiles all day, then cries himself to sleep at night.

He has secrets.

Terrible secrets.

He doesn't want to be this way anymore.

But he's already too far in.

He's already lost himself.


But the question is, will he ever be able to find himself again?



Contains all types of triggers.

Who ever you are. Shut your fuckin vagina! Don't ever talk to him like that! Who do you think you are!
m4dl4a m4dl4a Jul 03
You're the BEST AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND THE CUTEST MEMBER OF 1D!! NO! Not just 1D! The whole world!!!
The only thing I didn't like is that Niall was talking bad about himself
Yes I enjoyed this chapter! I am so glad I found this! I was starting to think that I have read almost every Nouis story on here!
lomba-larry lomba-larry Dec 29, 2016
No, you're so perfect. We are soooo damm proud of you. No word can describe how perfect you to us
happinesshoran happinesshoran Jun 17, 2016
If he ever said that in person I will not hesitate to knock him back into his senses