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He's Tattooed & Trouble. (Ziall AU) Completed

He's Tattooed & Trouble. (Ziall AU) Completed

372K Reads 11.9K Votes 30 Part Story
Jayde By Bab3yBlu3Eyes Completed

This has been a very highly requested Story for me to write so here it is. A Ziall FanFic.

This story is updated on a scheduled of Tuesdays and Fridays...Enjoy

funny that's exactly how harry's sitting in my basement right now wait what who said that
iliveforlarrysmut iliveforlarrysmut Jun 20, 2016
Well Niall, you have bad taste in your dates. Homework is a bitch
Castiel_Destiel123 Castiel_Destiel123 Mar 31, 2016
There are so many fûckïng stairs in my school and I hate it so much cause I'm out of shape and lazy
I'm on a date with my guy right now, i was practically on him the entire time, his name his 'Beddy Bod' aka my bed
that used to be me now guess who's got a tattoo and already has the second one planned
tryptopatz tryptopatz Oct 12, 2013
I love AU 1D bromance stories and I ship Ziall (because Niall's there hehe) :)) Can't wait! *but I also want a Narry one from you :P