Falling Sky (BWWM)

Falling Sky (BWWM)

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Trenody Malone By TrenodyMalone Updated Mar 25

My name is Skylar James and I cover up pain with humor. My sarcasm only gets me so far. My therapist said it's lowest form of wit. But I just like pulling shit from my ass. But whatever gets her blood boiling. I'm a bigger girl, bigger problems, and bigger decisions. 

      When you are born you're expected to live life. You're supposed to grow up thinking positive. I don't. Well not anymore. They ask us when we're five what do we want to be? Everybody says a princess or an astronaut, hell even the president. If you were to ask me that right now? As a sixteen year old I'd tell you that when I grow up I wanna be happy. I wanna be loved and I wanna matter. But nobody asked me that did they? Nope. They only wanna see me pretend to be happy so they don't have to ask what's wrong.
     I have nine friends all together and only about two of them notices when I'm about to have a melt down. Anxiety can do that to you. Depression can do that to you. My dad thinks that there is nothing wrong with me. In fact he thinks its a joke. Whenever I have a melt down he calls it 'Falling Sky'.

    But it's all laughs and giggles until he doesn't have a daughter any more.

  Warning ⚠️ story contains some sexual content. Sexual innuendos and foul language . Also contains thoughts of suicide and suicide attempt.

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