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DEAD ACCOUNT By Voxifer Completed

[2018 REBOOT]

   A man fleeing his past. A girl clinging to her hopes of the future. 

   A deadly disease called Schrike's Malady plagues the queendom of Roshadan, cursing its inflicted with the thirst for blood and death. The Azkars and their Darahs, created as the single line of defence against this raging onslaught of the rabid living dead, are no less hated and feared. 
   Arden Mercer has left the Azkars' bloodstained duties behind and is content to eke out a living as a private investigator alongside his Darah, Shay. Yet, when a peculiar string of disappearances and a young priestess' plea for help come to his attention, he and Shay soon discover that there is more at stake than just a sizeable reward. Power struggles and conspiracies aside, the temptation of the Vipersong - a legendary pistol rumoured to be able to remove a person's deepest memories - is undeniable...and so is the desire for revenge. 
*This is the rewritten version of the original Vipersong and is completely different in most senses.* 

*Cover by @seventhstar*