hey this is just a poem i wrote when i was angry at everyone around me and just at the point of giving up, i hope you can realate to it :) i would appreciate comments :) enjoy x

  • anger
  • giving
  • pain
  • sad
Nahimana_dara Nahimana_dara Jan 15, 2011
@Amormusic95 thanks taht means alot :) 
                              @Bada-Bing sure ill look through your stuff :) 
                              thanks for the comments x
Bada-Bing Bada-Bing Jan 15, 2011
I liked your poem. Good stuff.
                              Poems top stories in my opinion. I've done some too if you want a read.
KAFrak KAFrak Jan 15, 2011
I would set you free :)
                              pst, please check out or vote on my story titled, "All of Everything"