The Dusk Room - Adult Vampire Romance

The Dusk Room - Adult Vampire Romance

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On the night that Darla is dragged along to the swanky new club, The Dusk Room, she knew that her life would never be the same because of the broodingly enigmatic, Fane Vladimirescu...the elusive club owner.

Not only is he desirably aloof, he's darkly complicated.

All of Darla's deepest, most primal of desires are brought to life because of him.
A desire, that not only makes her fear him, it is one that's so seductively raw; it excites her.

Fane acts distant and guarded, but his lonely eyes tell her a very different story; and his story simply makes Darla incapable of staying away from him.

They say that the truest of love, will find its way.

What happens if the man that Darla wants, is not the truest of men...if a man at all?

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AngelsHeart27 AngelsHeart27 2 days ago
This hit a nerve. I’m 25 and I love playing bingo. I have no life lol
MsJermany MsJermany Apr 06, 2017
Everytime, i read Darla, i think of Darla from buffy the vampire slayer and Angel!🤣
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined Jun 17, 2017
Okay so this may or may not be a stupid question but do they really have a Soho part in London like they do in NYC, because that the only soho I know 🤔🤔
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined Jun 17, 2017
For some reason I picture one or both with an accent prob British or Irish idk why
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined Jun 17, 2017
Don't fall for it us introverts gotta stick together against our extroverted friends that want to go on a party/be outside all the time and call us lames because we don't want to for whatever reason  😒😒😒😒
snhreader snhreader Jan 19, 2017
I see that you're missing a period at the end of the last sentence. That'll be $170.