Walking alone (anti x reader)//completed//

Walking alone (anti x reader)//completed//

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shannon_iplier By shannon_iplier Completed

Y/n is just a regular high school girl in her last few years of high school you dont have many freinds,, and you live by yourself,, one night you make the mistake of walking back to late all by yourself which ended up being only one of the first worst  desicions you've ever made .....



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BeckyBinning BeckyBinning Oct 26, 2017
It looks like a good story and a good plot but...
                              THERE ARE NO FULL STOPS!!! 
                              I mean seriously, they teatch you this stuff at school, even an 8 yr old can do it.
Minisepticeye Minisepticeye Nov 27, 2017
To Dark I'm princess and to Anti I'm ether love or kitten, so Dark shut up with the kitten
supitsdeliiiiw supitsdeliiiiw Oct 21, 2017
                              At first i read it "a big D burst out of your wrist. Why do I laugh at this?
shannon_iplier shannon_iplier Nov 07, 2016
Aww aha thank you I love writing it if you have any ideas for the story you can tell me and I could add them in ? 😘💙
DannyTransboi DannyTransboi Nov 07, 2016
wow I like it good job I'm looking forward to the next update :3
Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Feb 18, 2017
*hears glass breaking* Nope nope nope nope *packs up bag and walks out of house* Nope nope nope nope nope *lights house on fire* Nope nope nope nope All the nope