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I'm Nico Di Angelo. I live in a old town with very few people. My mom and dad are divorced, and my dad is abusive. 
 I don't really have any friends because my father will use them against me. 
Well there's my biography. I'll have Will write his later. Anyway, this is the story of the Ghost King.

Hi. I'm Will. Nico is making me write this.
He told me to erase that last part. Shhh, don't tell him I kept it. 
Anyway, I have a sister in collage, a mom, and a dad.
None of them are ever home. So pretty much I've always got a house to myself.
I've had a crush on Nico for a while now, and I may have been...(I refuse to call it stalking)..taking very close interest in him for a long time. He never really seemed happy and I have this dire need to make him smile. But I've never had the courage to talk to him.
Anyway, one day I followed him home. And found out he was abused. Then our stories began to unfold and tie together.

Okay! Well, now the story is better than the description, I promise.


All rights to Rick! YAY! Story time now...

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McLeaveMeAlone McLeaveMeAlone Dec 26, 2017
Ok, since no one else has made a Hamilton pun...
                              IM HELPLESS!!!!! LOOK INTO YOUR EYES AND THE SKYS THE LIMIT!!!!!!
Why is Hades abusive in about 98% of just about ANY fanfics involving Nico
Those nicknames you get given at camp
                              Calling each other that at school
                              Everybody stares at you like your from outer space
StelutaZoga StelutaZoga Jun 19
Well he coud’ve kicked them...I mean i don’t know any other reasons to tight him...but he was weak anyway so i’ll just shut up now
Nico's probably fairly small compared to you lot. It wouldn't have killed you to just pick him up. In my opinion they overdid it
I have never understood the point of abuse. Like why would you willingly constantly want to hurt someone?
                              Maybe it's a Being 11 thing