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Relinquishing Control

Relinquishing Control

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Irony By IronySpeaking Updated Jun 23, 2015

Excerpt:   "Please, Sir. Please" I groan, my hands stretching above my head, my body writhing from the over-stimulation it's been getting. I feel like I'm about to explode from his touch and it's only been a short while. He hasn't yet taken me and I'm already lost in sensation.  I feel his breath close to my ear "Scream for me" he whispers and with a hard thrust he's finally inside me. My body listens to his command, and I scream. He starts moving, drilling me fast and hard, my back arching to take him in deeper, while I helplessly moan. His hands move to my nipples tweaking and pinching, his mouth nipping away seconds after, while I cry out in pleasure. Blindfolded and tied as I am, I can only take his sweet torture, which will soon push me over the edge. But not until I have his permission.   ...........................................................................................................................    Isis Smith is the woman who has it all. And the woman who has nothing. The only girl to ever drop out of Stanford and make it to being a Fortune 500 CEO, she has one of the sharpest business minds the world has ever seen. Her brutal negotiating power and determined mind have gotten her where she is. Yet, in the bedroom, she needs to leave the control her routine requires behind. She has opted for the BDSM lifestyle of a Submissive, blocking away any feelings. Especially love. Her horrific childhood haunts her still. And this is where Dimitri Stone enters. He is a CEO, too, who needs control like he needs to breath. Especially in the bedroom. He becomes her Dominant. But as they spend more time together, will he, too, only see the shell of a person everyone else does? Or will he realize there's more to this ice queen and protect her, even from herself?   Read on and find out...

lethal_bae lethal_bae Aug 25, 2016
You know that Isis is a gang group right that torture people right
lethal_bae lethal_bae Aug 25, 2016
But I still love your story. P. S.  You're a really great writer
SugarSha SugarSha Mar 15, 2015
I Love this book already!!! It's not every CEO books it a powerful woman, & when it is, readers usually call them names or talk down on them...
_noyesno_ _noyesno_ Dec 08, 2013
Love it! the length of the chapters are pretty good too-not too short, not too long! oh and u said her dress was at the side... its not there....?
FrederickHudson FrederickHudson Nov 21, 2013
I love how quickly you can establish characters that I am already interested in!
frasermagoo frasermagoo Oct 24, 2013
loved the first chapter found it quite intense now for the 2nd