Waltz with Me (A Phantom of the Opera Phan Fic)

Waltz with Me (A Phantom of the Opera Phan Fic)

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Genesis Augustin loved to dance. It was her very life and breath. She would spend hours prancing across the floors of the old dance studio in New York, perfecting every spin and twist. Even after a disturbed past, Genesis shone through to be the best ballet girl in her small group. When her break to perform on Broadway struck, she nailed it with ease and determination. In turn, she made her way up with the "big kids", performing in a world traveling show of The Phantom of the Opera, one of her favorites. 

     But, suddenly a stumbling block made its way into her blossoming career. Perhaps her only salvation could come through Jett Devon, aka the Phantom on stage. He was shy, reserved, but certainly a cunning and handsome individual. It was certain he had secrets of his own he wished not to share. As he waltzed into Genesis's life, things started to change, hearts stared to melt, and passions began to bloom. 

     But was Jett's secrets far too great for Genesis to handle? And what would happened when love and past mistakes started to collide? One last ballet...one last waltz...this one with more passion than ever before. 
     So I ask you, once more if never again, waltz with me...

Warning: Rated PG-13. Not suggested for young reader. May contain suggestive themes, violence, alcohol, other Phantom related deaths and/or abusive behaviors.

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