Moving to London | Phan  ❤

Moving to London | Phan ❤

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Cat and Regan  ❤ By phantowel Completed

COMPLETE : Phil moves to England, to study at a school after a massive argument with his family.- trigger warnings; cutting, sucide references and attempts.

emiliecanavese emiliecanavese May 23, 2016
Hello dear how are you doing today i hope you are doing very well please my dear friend i have something very important to tell you so please contact me to my email box now okay? ( )
GinevraWeasley12 GinevraWeasley12 Sep 20, 2016
That moment when everyone is talking about living in Colorado but I live in f ucking Canada
Green2Blue Green2Blue Jan 01
This is giving me flashbacks of when I moved to England 😢 sad times...
I hate it here in Colorado honestly. I want to move to London so much.
live_life_your_way live_life_your_way Mar 28, 2016
I clicked on this and my little mind went "YASS self-harm!" Because for whatever reason, I love books with self harm. It makes it feel like the two characters love each other more than they already do.
HallowThare HallowThare Oct 07, 2016
So... I'm imagining everything phil says is in his American accent!