Moving to London | Phan  ❤

Moving to London | Phan ❤

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COMPLETE : Phil moves to England, to study at a school after a massive argument with his family.- trigger warnings; cutting, sucide references and attempts.

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I live in oregon. XD it's nice here!! Beautiful plants and it rains a lot. XD (am I bragging? Sorry. XD)
audball240 audball240 Dec 27, 2017
lmao i would do anything to move away from america, it sucks here (and yes i realize that i’m extremely lucky to live in america, but i truly hate it here)
Khrys715 Khrys715 Dec 15, 2017
Is it weird it's similar to me?
                              My parents made me move to another school for me to be more 'tough'. 
                              Me and my seven friends (the whole class, literally) cried the last day. I really miss them...
I AM TrIGGerEd I am from all counties and mate is specifically for Aussies
                              Hint the sarcasm
Antisocial-Slytherin Antisocial-Slytherin Sep 29, 2017
I live in Jordan I wish I was British or could at least move to England
ME WHENEVER I FINISH A SHOW!! (cuz I get to emotionaly attached and end up not finishing it... T^T  )