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Moving to London | Phan  ❤

Moving to London | Phan ❤

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Cat and Regan  ❤ By phantowel Completed

COMPLETE : Phil moves to England, to study at a school after a massive argument with his family.- trigger warnings; cutting, sucide references and attempts.

emiliecanavese emiliecanavese May 23, 2016
Hello dear how are you doing today i hope you are doing very well please my dear friend i have something very important to tell you so please contact me to my email box now okay? ( )
Green2Blue Green2Blue Jan 01
This is giving me flashbacks of when I moved to England 😢 sad times...
I hate it here in Colorado honestly. I want to move to London so much.
live_life_your_way live_life_your_way Mar 28, 2016
I clicked on this and my little mind went "YASS self-harm!" Because for whatever reason, I love books with self harm. It makes it feel like the two characters love each other more than they already do.
celery_soda celery_soda Feb 10
I would just start crying on the spot I don't even have to open it
HallowThare HallowThare Oct 07, 2016
So... I'm imagining everything phil says is in his American accent!