Moving to London | Phan  ❤

Moving to London | Phan ❤

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COMPLETE : Phil moves to England, to study at a school after a massive argument with his family.- trigger warnings; cutting, sucide references and attempts.

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I love Colorado but I live in crappy Oklahoma... I WANNA MOVE TO ENGLAND. Also my ancestors were from England sooo
I live in Jordan I wish I was British or could at least move to England
I had the same packed with a friend and we were going to go to England when we were 18. Sadly, we are no longer in touch.
Yooo i have english second class. Im actually in English rn. And its boring. Seeing as I'm reading gay fan fiction instead of writing dumb stories.
I'm from Canada, and lemme just say that I've been to America, and it wasn't all that bad
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