Love You From The Start (Niall Horan One Shot)

Love You From The Start (Niall Horan One Shot)

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*Rachel's Pov*

{Flashback: 4 Years Ago}

I walked into the school doors. Nervous as hell. Who knew that high school would harder then I thought. Freshmen year sucks. As I made my way to my next class, I bumped into someone. I looked up into those blue mesmerizing eyes which made me melt.

"I'm sorry," I said picking up the books I just dropped. I was about to walk away until he called me.


I turned. "Yeah." 

"I'm Niall," he said with a thick Irish accent. 

"Rachel," I said shyly.


"Um, yeah," I said shakily.

"So you need help with the classes?" he asked.

I nodded. 

He smiled. "Come with me then."

I smiled too, having my first friend in high school.

{Flashback End: Present}

From that point on, I fell in love with him. Who knew that my best friend would be the one I would fall for. But sadly, I know he doesn't know it. I gave him several signs, yet nothing. 

I should be happy for him though. When he told me he is going to audition on X-Factor, I was over-...

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touchonedirection touchonedirection Apr 30, 2014
Holy Cow *-* so wonderful*-* Can you write an one Shot for me?:3