You Are Mine

You Are Mine

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CrazyCrayfish By CrazyCrayfish Updated Oct 19, 2016

"Mine," The blonde-haired boy snarled, his hands clutching the edge of the cafeteria table, eyes as black as charcoal. 

I arched an eyebrow, reluctantly distancing myself from the scrumptious-looking chocolate fudge cake. "Whoa, look, man," I said defensively, raising my hands, "I know this choccie delight is yours. No need to go all ape on me."

"Mine!" He roared, catching the attention of everyone in the lunchroom, including the people at our table, who were looking at him, mouths agape.

"Well, jeez," I breathed, "It's just a goddamn piece of cake. Here, take it back." Before I could, however, the boy lurched forward, grabbing my face in his strong hands and crushing my lips to his.

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                              I was only a mere seven-year old when he left us ー to heaven or hell。
I'm literally a minute in and I can tell you're a good writer. Like honestly dude this is quality
My birthplace is South Korea my dad grandfather is half Korean and half Spanish I love South Korea but now I don't live there no more
I don't blame her I would be a bitch to them too. I wonder who her mate is?
emmalove214 emmalove214 Jul 22
Canada isn't that bad though the weather is horrible it can change very quickly and it snows a lot here
karereine karereine Jun 21
With the way society works today, I don't think I could ever call my father daddy again😭