I Like My Mom's Friend!? (Camila/You)

I Like My Mom's Friend!? (Camila/You)

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Big Daddy By raginghomosexxual Updated May 22, 2019

Hi my name is Y/N and I'm intersex. My mom had me when she was 15. I know too young right? But ever since I was small there was this cute cuban hottie my mom was friends with. 

Now I'm 20 and her friend is 25, I know 5 years younger but with the way things are now she is more mature than my mom almost like she's my mom but in reality she treats me like a little sister. 

Yeah your little sister who has a crush on you. 

But she's been acting different like more flirty. Now I want you to come with me and find what's happening. Or read through this book since I am you.