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7 Days

7 Days

4.4K Reads 56 Votes 7 Part Story
Eve!!! By xXMaddiMiXx Completed

Georgia finally has a new job. The prestigious, fancy new cafe in town called Cup Of Love accepted her last chance at a job, and she is ecstatic. She walks into the cafe for the first time, seeing a rich pallet and wealthy business people sitting at the tables. It is nothing what she expected, but she'll take it any day over her old job at McDonald's.

Georgia's first day runs smoothly, she conquers a fear and learns her way around her new waitressing job. She even makes friends with her co worker, the very sensible Iris. 
So far, everything is going perfect! Little does she know, the hard part isn't even close to over. Have fun, Georgie!

mysteriousrandomer mysteriousrandomer Jul 26, 2011
LOVE IT!! Could you maybe check out my stuff too? I'd really appreciate it!
AritziaDoll AritziaDoll Mar 25, 2011
it's nice to see cast members that aren't from hollywood :)
                              And I really like this story!
HerBeautifulDeath HerBeautifulDeath Jan 27, 2011
haha this made me smile :)
                              haha she seems like such a fun  girl. she remindds me of some one i know... and myself :)
xXMaddiMiXx xXMaddiMiXx Jan 21, 2011
@Kailuh727 Hi! Thanks for reading! I just have to say that this isn't a serious story at all, it's all in fun. I don't have any plans on getting this published whatsoever, so numbers is just easier and to me they look better.
                              And it's definitely 48" ;)
                              Thanks <3
xXMaddiMiXx xXMaddiMiXx Jan 16, 2011
@dreamernow31 WOAH NO PROBLEM LOL! And thankyouthankyou:D I was sort of aiming for it to be relatable :) Glad I could project! 
                              I hope you like the other chapters :P
dreamernow31 dreamernow31 Jan 16, 2011
First of all, OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DEDICATING THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!! Second, this is REALLY nice! Very well written and I can really relate! :D