the truth

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diala By xodollitaox Completed
the world isn't what we always thought it is. there are secrets that are best kept private. Maya miller just found out that she could either bring the apocalypse or save the world.
Cool Story! My friend has a cover just like this! I'm going to tell her right now!
I luv this story i read it 2 times and never got old :D your a skilled writer
There are a few grammar errors, and there aren't proper indents when the subject is changed. With a bit of editing I think this could get on it's feet. Keep writing, never give up!
                                    Will you check out mine? It's called: ENTWINED. Thank you. 
@xodollitaox no problem, hope it helps others to enjoy the story, i might come back and read it once its edited, i just find unedited stories annoy me too much.
Good story, but the lack of editing is driving me mad!
                                    At least do capital letters and maybe paragraphs? It breaks it up and makes it easier to read, a long block of writing deters people. and awful grammar annoys a lot of people. I don't mean to be rude, just saying.