The Ruthless Alpha's Mate

The Ruthless Alpha's Mate

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Autumn Sanders is like any other she wolf in her pack that's waiting for a mate. She's young,carefree and doesn't have a care in the world, she's been that way ever since the accident, i guess one thing can change a persons life forever. 

Damien Cole is the ruthless alpha of the Bloodless Pack, he has dominance written on his face. He doesn't sleep around like any other alpha, he was no virgin but he respects women greatly that he isn't playing them. He may seem tough on outside, but his emotions would beg to differ. He's lonely and still looking for his mate.Without a luna and a mate by his side and his pack, he is not complete. 

What happens when the two meet?
Both of there world turned upside down when there eyes met.
Are they mates? Maybe.

Read and Find Out In, The Ruthless Alpha's Mate

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cute_charlie24 cute_charlie24 Jul 09, 2017
4' 11", Shortest in my class, Age 13, apparently "Tiny Asian" on everyone's phones, everyone over 5 feet, boyfriend is 5' 8", is currently crying.
BTSBBMAs2k17 BTSBBMAs2k17 May 30, 2017
Glad I'm not the only one that has to walk on eggshells while explaining things to my mama
AutisticAlpha AutisticAlpha Dec 16, 2017
Lol while she sleeping he be having fun then when he's close he shakes her "BABE WAKE UP! I'M CLOOOOOOOSE!!!!!!"  her answer is "took you long enough!"
AutisticAlpha AutisticAlpha Dec 16, 2017
My language is sooooooooooo unsexy Mi amour in my language is minun rakkaani or rakas
miamariino miamariino Aug 21, 2017
The alpha dad said yes  her dad said no what do y'all not understand ?😫
AnnieTheOrphan AnnieTheOrphan Sep 30, 2017
Isn't French "Mi Amour"  I think Italian is "Mi Amore" and in Spanish is "Mi Amor"