Yandere x Reader - Gifts for you

Yandere x Reader - Gifts for you

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Pocokitty By pocokitty Updated Feb 14

At school, no one ever suspected a thing from Reader. She was a good liar and secret-keeper. Nobody cared too much about the bruises on her arm, the blackness in her eye and the shakiness in her voice because she knew how to act. But one day, somebody does notice. Someone acknowledges her pain and questions it.

Two boys, nothing alike, begin to discover the truth behind Reader and it doesn't take long for a war to start between them. One introverted and one extroverted, you as the reader will choose the path you take in this story and what will happen to your character.

This is an interactive Yandere story in which you will be the one to decide what your character does next. Some paths you choose may lead to unfortunate bad endings, others will build your relationship with the characters and allow you to continue with the story.

[Trigger Warning: As you can probably tell from the description, this story will contain forms of domestic and sexual abuse and violence. If this is something you do not wish to read about, I suggest youdo not continue with this book. I'll be handling it as delicately as I can since I am aware that this is a sensitive and real issue.]

[The images in this story or not mine, I've just edited most of them.]

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PotterheadAngel PotterheadAngel Dec 04, 2017
.... I have Mystic Messenger installed on that phone...😶😶😶
Green-Coffee Green-Coffee Aug 11, 2017
If it was my birthday, it would be on school holiday, considering it's in winter break just a few days before Christmas.
LoggingOutOfLife LoggingOutOfLife Jul 02, 2017
                              WHATS HAPPENED.
                              I actually liked that story :;(∩´﹏`∩);:
Green-Coffee Green-Coffee Aug 11, 2017
I've read about this type of mental illness that fits in with this action, but I forgot the name of it.
HYUCCK HYUCCK Jul 07, 2017
you're not forgiven,, you shall be publicly executed by tomorrow
-bbyoonjin -bbyoonjin Apr 22, 2017
"It's your birthday today, silly~"    Why did that remind me of CardlinAudio (one of his ASMR Roleplay videos?)