Faith in Omertà ✔️ [Complete]

Faith in Omertà ✔️ [Complete]

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Faith has travelled all the way to a new place to start a better life but little did she know her destiny was not going to be the way that she wants.
                       From  loving a wrong person made her losing her good friend too getting acquised for a murder she never committed. She has gone through hell. But she did escape from her past and again started to build up a new life from doing what she never wanted to do. 
                But little did she know her past never left her. But there's just being more addition to her miserable life. 

It's love, conspiracy, betrayal, war, revenge and lust. It's a life of a Mafia she's living in. 
{ A part of the story} 

This night was enough I can't take it anymore. My eye's were still filled with tears I was crying on my present state . My mind was screaming for help. I remembered there was still a hope left or a help. I dragged myself towards my pillow  and moved my hand under it and took out the cell phone which Max gave me. I switched it on. Should I really make a call I asked myself. It was one thirty at night. I think I should that's what my guts were telling me. My thump was hovering over the call option. I closed my eyes when all the things that happened to me this night flashed in front of me. I realized that I  should for help and touched the call option. It was ringing, after three ring the call was received. 


That was the first word I heard from the other side. The tone of his voice was concerning and sounded worried his voice was smoothing and husky ,one could melt easily on it. 
"Help me" was all I could say to this stranger and tears were rolling down...

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