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I'm the Alpha's mate?(BoyXboy,1D fanfic) {book 1-3}

I'm the Alpha's mate?(BoyXboy,1D fanfic) {book 1-3}

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frail By delicatelou Completed

Niall's life is not really a good one or a bad one.ever since he came out to his family he got ignored or beaten by his parents.his older brother Louis supports him and helps him when Niall gets beaten.the beatings get worst when his pack finds out,yup pack he's a werewolf.They take advantage of him by beating him or teasing him and no one can do anything to stop them because he's a omega,one of the lowest ranks.  Zayn is the Alpha's son,the soon to be Alpha.he isn't with the pack right now he's in a boot camp with his two best friends Liam and Harry (who are mates).they've been best friends since they all got in boot camp at the age of see Zayn was a little troublemakers So his father thought it would be a good idea to put him in boot camp that way when he turned 17 he would take his fathers place.  So when Zayn goes back along with his two best friends they all get the shock of there lives when they meet Louis and Niall...    Ok everyone new fanfic BUT this is a 1D fanfic with Ziall and LiamXLouisXHarry (yup threesome;) This will involve BoyXboy action as in fluff and smut(which I will try to do or if someone wants to help it'll be amazayn)so if you do not like or your just a fcking homophobe then please exit right now. anywhore what do you think of the description?luv you my beautiful and talented stars <3

bookwormgena1987 bookwormgena1987 Dec 12, 2016
Love de story!! *squeals and faints dramatically then slowly opens one eye with a 😏 on face. 😱😱😱😱*
LouieTomlinsnon LouieTomlinsnon Feb 22, 2015
As I read this, I smirk and quirk up my eyebrows but then I glance at my new poster of 1D I got a few days ago and then I suddenly feel like they're watching me 
LinsayHorton LinsayHorton Jul 10, 2014
Why the hell would I judge if I do I keep it in my head unless I hate you all of which I dont, as of now, that could change but I highly doubt it
svet667 svet667 Oct 20, 2013
this is really good please update i would love to read more!