The High Priestess of Shadows

12 Part Story 1.4K Reads 50 Votes
Shannon By AVWoodwell Completed
Lillian Star is the new High Priestess of the Shadows but when her Coven is attacked by Knights and most of the members are killed Lilly is alone with the last surviving witches. Until she meets Will, a handsom Knight apprentice. Now, Lilly must revive her Coven with the help of her friends and some unlikely allies. *Set two years after the Salem witch trials ended.*
Wow ok.....a lot of dialogue. I think there should be more details that illustrate your story because dialogue cannot and does not do it all. 
                                    Elijah, Isabelle, Sabrina and any others were just...when did you mention they were there in the alley before they spoke? To me point: you cannot just have characters magically appear in a place if you make no reference to the fact that they are there because all you say is Lilly and Ari were in the alley.