The Frog Prince and His Servant (Completed)

The Frog Prince and His Servant (Completed)

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Kris By BlackFlagSwinger Completed

In the land of Grimm, there was a kingdom where lives a Princess who's beauty outshone everything, even the sun. One day she decided to play with her golden ball near a well...

We all know what happens next right? 

She bounces her ball into the air and fails to catch it so it rolls into the well. She begins to weep and out comes a talking frog who asks her to be his companion in return he will retrieve the golden ball. The two made a promise but of course, she breaks it. Who would want an ugly talking frog as a companion? 

Well, there is one person. The Prince's servant, Faithful Henry. 

Long before the Prince was turned into a frog, Henry was happy to be his servant. He would wake up early to make him breakfast, and stay up late at night to help with his princely duties. 

What will  happen to Henry when he finds out the prince is missing?

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melanesian_pride melanesian_pride Jul 17, 2017
No child should witness the death of their parents, especially such horrid deaths. My heart goes out to him. 
                              Those heartless bastards! I hope their all burn in the deepest darkest parts of hell ಠ_ಠ
- - Mar 30, 2017
You mean Remnant. If he was wondering through Grimm territory he'd most likely be dead
Alix-chan Alix-chan Jun 11
okay even if they did steal a few items, they didn't hurt anyone, so why must they pay with their lives? That's like way over the top.