Simple Manipulation

Simple Manipulation

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Peyton Stiller learned in sixth grade that you cannot get through life without bending the rules a bit. In order to do so, she picked up a few little tricks to help her along the way.  Now, being in high school, things have come easier to her because of the way she can easily persuade people with the bat of an eyelash, or letting her hair down from her ponytail and adding in a voice change. And also use, her looks to her advantage.

But she prefers to stay in the shadows and out of popularity, frankly because she cannot stand the people. Not to mention her awkward self would stick out like a sore thumb.

But when a day comes when she meets someone who is just as skilled at these little tricks as she is, things take a turn. Whether they are for the worst or not she doesn't know. And it doesn't help the situation that this person just so happens to be the most popular guy in the school and the biggest jerk alive. All she has to do is keep her cool, keep up with her family, handle her wacky best friend, and put up with the new entry in her life by using the methods of simple manipulation.   

But sometimes the simplest things in life, are the most complicated of all.                                

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xLaVioletx xLaVioletx Aug 23
I'm already loving the beginning of this book! I feel like it's a great twist between good girl and bad girl. I'm pumped.
i'm already manipulating people when i learn the word. yikes.
JazzyJ_Loves_Waffles JazzyJ_Loves_Waffles Dec 19, 2016
I THINK I WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate haters, I won't hate.
themysteriouswesley themysteriouswesley Jun 28, 2016
i love the concept, just different enough from the over saturated teen fiction "bad boy and nerdy girl" concept to be interesting!
1Lax4Life3 1Lax4Life3 Apr 13, 2016
This is a very good prologue!!! It makes me want to never stop reading!!!!
- - Aug 13, 2016
i LOVE YOUR NAME! It reminds me of Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson <3