summer of '62 ← benny rodriguez

summer of '62 ← benny rodriguez

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autumn | 16 By 80slostgirl Updated Dec 10, 2017

❝You're killing me, Smalls.❞

I wasn't kidding.

It killed me not to kiss her.


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Serpent_girl Serpent_girl Jun 09, 2017
My mom wants me to throw mine away because they have a hole in the bottom
thedevilisroyalty thedevilisroyalty Apr 02, 2017
i went shopping with my mom and i was looking at this shirt and she told me "why can't you just act like a girl for once?" and i was lowkey hurt😂
notreallyme3 notreallyme3 Mar 22, 2017
I can relate to this so much my mom and two sisters hate that I'm closer to my brothers and like what they like and not girly stuff
80s_wolfhard 80s_wolfhard Sep 30, 2017
this right here is a crystal clear representation of my daily struggle ladies and gentlemen
-aussiebums -aussiebums May 20, 2017
My mom hates my dirty converse 😂 I tried wearing them to my graduation and she wasn't fond with the idea so I had to wear stupid slipper things
I don't know what you've been told but this girl right here is gonna rule the world yeah that is what I'm gonna be cause I wanna be no I don't want to sit still look pretty.