A Serpants grip Tom Riddle x OC completed

A Serpants grip Tom Riddle x OC completed

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"Kiss me like you mean it," he cooed softly, leaning his face back into my neck.

"You told me to kiss you and I did, now let me go."

"Well, if you insist."

I gasped as I felt my arms freeze at my sides. Tom grinned, his green eyes flashing, and brought his lips to mine. As tried as hard as I could to break the curse that was binding my arms, I felt Tom bring his hand up to my chest. That sick son of a bitch. I will kill him the second he lets me go. I turned my head sharply to the side, freeing my mouth from his.

"Please Tom, just leave me alone."

"Kiss me like you mean it, and I'll let you go," His voice soft.

I turned my face slowly back toward his and kissed him. The kissed lasted for a minute before Tom finally pulled away from me. He looked up into my eyes, his smug smirk reaching his eyes. He turned slowly and disappeared down the hallway. When he was finally gone, I felt my wrist release themselves from the wall. 

All a mouse can ever do is close its eyes and hope the snake is merciful...Elizabeth Fredrichs is completely unaware of her future fate when she meets Tom Riddle,the handsome yet arrogant boy who has taken an unsettling interest in her. Tom Riddle x OC.

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AmberRoseVesper AmberRoseVesper Dec 27, 2017
I get up like two hours before class starts too so also at 6 (even tho class starts at 8.10) and I take the bus at like 7.40 and only need 15-20 by bus and then the rest of the time for the way to my class room so it's super unnecessary for getting up at 6 (but I kinda chill in bed for one hour)
AmberRoseVesper AmberRoseVesper Dec 27, 2017
Okay but would it be possible to hex oneself so that one always wakes up at a particular time fully awake? Cuz I need that
                              T R I G G E R E D
lonesomelion lonesomelion Dec 17, 2017
It's just Tom, but I do prefer Thomas. It just sounds better. 
                              No offence to all you other Toms out there, and you too, Voldy.
I'm just pretending this is me, because my name is Elizabeth and my nick name is also Liz, Liza and Lizzie
belsahar belsahar Feb 10
she’s blushing because she is in embarrassed not because she has a crush, my friends never understand this with me