The Schizophrenic

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Himani By MirroredBlack Updated 3 years ago
After envisioning her house going up in flames and losing her sister, Jade knows that the disaster is inevitable. But Cornelia is back, with a big plan of revenge. Twists and turns are an understatement of what is happening to Jade. Cornelia's resentment and Jade's bewildering nightmare's were on top of her problems when a dark secret lurks to the surface to completely turn around Jade's beliefs. Confronted with the reason for her visions that came true, Jade has no support, as everyone knows that she is a schizophrenic...
this is very well-written, i love all the details and how u portraed everything,
I'm schizophrenic, and I hate it when people don't believe me because of it. Very well written.