Farm Girl Meets Bad Boy (#1)

Farm Girl Meets Bad Boy (#1)

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Lindsay By Monst3rs Completed

River Snow has always lived a normal, boring life, and she's sick of it. Being homeschooled, she has no outside life on her family's farm except for the neighbours that are a forty minute walk away. But one night, when mysterious Emery Hasting's appears inside of her barn, everything changes.

WARNING: For strong language throughout, and mild violence.

This is all unedited. I realize that there a lot of spelling and grammical errors. Things in the plot are extreamily novice and a lot do not make sense, for example, Emery's age because I decided to change it. Please bear with me and I'd prefer if you didn't comment on any of the above. Thanks!

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This is no way to treat your future wife. Tsk tsk. It's 'cause you're always on that damn phone
- - Apr 06
I already saw the intro for the 3rd book, is there any point to read this one?
                              I already know what happens
-rupinlemus -rupinlemus Oct 10
i literally have a maths test tomorrow and im slacking off rn
Jesuis01 Jesuis01 Jul 05
Sister if I was you I would lock my doors. Not killing me today sucka!!!
kingslaya kingslaya Sep 03
lol her parents are so....what kind of parent would allow a guy and one on PROBATION to sleep in their daughter's room? Ik it's probably for the sake of the story but it's so unrealistic.
Therd time reading this. This is an amazing book and i could read it 1000 time s and not get bored. Fantastic job Author.