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Titan X

Titan X

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ERIC DABBS By ericdabbs Updated 5 days ago

Sarah Lawson stopped aging. The Titan X program wants an exchange: the immortal serum she took for her husband's life.
Sarah Lawson was enslaved by the government because she didn't age after turning 29. Put to work on a space station, she escaped after a terrible accident and she's been running ever since. The only person she left behind was her husband, and when she's caught by the Titan X program, she finds out why - they want a working version of the serum that's made Sarah immortal. Forced to work alongside the only people that can help her rescue her husband, Sarah has to risk her immortal life - as well as the lives of her teammates.

  • action
  • adult
  • adventure
  • death
  • diving
  • espionage
  • futuristic
  • genes
  • government
  • high-tech
  • husband
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