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A woman who never dies...
A crew with a mission to deep space...
A scientist transformed into a monster...

Sarah Lawson hasn't aged a day since she was twenty-nine. She's not a god. She's human. She can be murdered, but she doesn't grow old and she doesn't get sick. In almost every sense of the word, Sarah is immortal because her DNA reacted with an early version of a life enhancing serum like no one else before her.

Because of her unique abnormality, Sarah was forced to work for the government...at a space station in the outer solar system. But after a horrible incident, Sarah escaped to Earth where she lived life on the run. That is...until a covert agent found her. 

When the time comes, Sarah must choose a crew for a return trip to deep space. 

As mission commander, she selects one of the best pilots in the Navy, Phoenix Drake. 

Phoenix is a war hero with a lifelong aspiration of traveling to Mars as an astronaut for NASA. When an encounter with a great white shark during a vacation weekend shatters his dreams, he finds himself willing to do anything to stay in the military, even volunteering for a secretive project with life altering consequences.

Phoenix has no idea his crew will cross paths with a Russian scientist who had a thirst for immortality, having partaken of the initial version of the serum. The only problem is that version had extreme side effects for everyone but Sarah. 

Monstrous side effects.

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