An Interracial Story: Jungle Fever

An Interracial Story: Jungle Fever

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loveleetee By loveleetee Updated Dec 26, 2015

Jaida Williams becomes a secretary after graduating from college. But working at Royson & Manning is no walk in the park. At only 21, her life lacks excitement, but when her life starts to get interesting it might be for the better or maybe the worse. 

[R] - Rated R.
This story contains sexuality, violence & course language; Viewers discretion is advised.


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anitacrida anitacrida Aug 10, 2017
I'm suing for the overtime - ohhhh helll nawww this nigga thought
U took too long hun now that u have had a taste u are going to want more
Excuse me my good sir but the lady told you no so o think you need to leave this facility and never return unless you want me to put a restraining order against you along with rape and sexual harassment.
terrificly terrificly Dec 28, 2017
My good sis, one thing that every black woman should know is to never beg the white man. Or any man period.
Riaoxox Riaoxox Dec 01, 2017
I'll be here all night if I say something about this 🤦🏾‍♀️
I saw the picture and know when I read her name I read yandy😂😂