Through The Mouth (Yandere Mafiatale SansX Reader) SECOND ACT

Through The Mouth (Yandere Mafiatale SansX Reader) SECOND ACT

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Talvi By teabottle Completed

(Collab with the wonderful Ashley) SECOND ACT to Vendetta Heist, so please go and read that FIRST before reading this act please. 

WARNINGS: I own nothing but the story, the fan art belongs to their respected artists, music belongs to it's respected composers, undertale belongs to Toby Fox, mafiatale belongs to whoever came up with mafiatale 

These next chapters might have a bit more maturity than they already did so if ya still pure, please skip the chapters with any sexual or gore warnings at the start. Otherwise enjoy the second act! ^^

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Elisabeth-the-killer Elisabeth-the-killer Sep 30, 2017
r.i.p alexander Hamilton forever missed in the heart of America
InsertShockingMusic InsertShockingMusic Nov 21, 2016
I'm really wanting to see Papyrus get involved in this. It would be an awesome twist if he were to help reader escape! Great start btw to the new part!
- - Nov 29, 2016
I feel so bad for that guard, Sans in this story is VERY possessive. 
                              No wonder why he wanted to maybe kill that guard.  .-.
Firekitty113 Firekitty113 Nov 21, 2016
I am NOT staying in this maid outfit thank you very much. Its cold and the way you said you liked the look better was very lewd in my opinion. I live the story btw that's just what i would say XD
Yusuka-chan Yusuka-chan Nov 23, 2016
Sans...we made progress and now where back to square one...I am not your DOLL!!! I AM A HUMAN FLIPPIN BEING NOT A POSSESSION! !!!
Fanfictiondealer Fanfictiondealer Jan 08, 2017
Alright before I start the chapter-
                              The title---
                              - WHO TELLS YOUR STORYYYYYYYY