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"Everyday he'd show up, and I'd watch from afar; I'd admire his beautiful 
features or the ring that hugged his bottom lip; the way he'd sit by himself and stare at his drink; and most importantly, I'd watch the way his green eyes screamed in sadness and surrender every time they met mine."

(Book #1 of the Lifeless series)
{Declaimer: the second book in the series, Asha, is NOT a sequel of this one. They are completely different stories :) }

a/n: This is literally the second story I've ever written so it needs some editing. However, if you can bear unedited stories and happen to read this, then don't forget to vote or comment :)
Also, the story might sound cheesy to many people, but honestly I wasn't in a very good place when I wrote it. So if you don't like it, no need for hateful comments. Thank you :)

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Tsukaite Tsukaite a day ago
Let's just admit, a guy havibg a lip piercing is like icing on top of a cake
Okay my bf's name is nathan and yhe description is so him except the lip ring ima die reading this
amiwoo amiwoo Mar 03
I've been walking through a world gone blind can't stop thinking of your diamond mind careful creature made friends with time he left her lonely with a diamond mind and those ocean eyes <3
I love quiet  people  that have humor and  make  you ferl warm ♡
amiwoo amiwoo Mar 03
I wish I knew a boy like that so I could have a crush on him i've always wanted a real crush
Innadvendt Innadvendt 6 days ago
i fully support lip piercings after seeing taehyung with one... oh my